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Business Region Friedrichshafen – The future is now
The business region Friedrichshafen comprises the eastern part of the Lake Constance district with the district town of Friedrichshafen at its centre and the surrounding towns and municipalities of externer LinkHagnau, externer LinkBermatingen, externer LinkDeggenhausertal, externer LinkImmenstaad, externer LinkMarkdorf, externer LinkOberteuringen, externer LinkMeckenbeuren, externer LinkLangenargen, externer LinkTettnang and externer LinkKressbronn. The region has approx. 135.000 inhabitants, 57.000 of whom live in Friedrichshafen.
In terms of economic power and innovation, the business region Friedrichshafen ranks amongst the top regions in Germany. In the context of a nationwide survey ranking technological potential, the region occupied successive top positions; it also excels for its number of patents pending, its productivity and low unemployment rate. On the basis of its strength and dynamics, the region of Friedrichshafen is the economic hub of Lake Constance. More information – also pertaining to resident enterprises – can be found on the following pages: Business Location and Technology Location.
The region of Friedrichshafen excels not only with its economic power. Situated on Lake Constance it also ranks amongst Germany’s most beautiful cultivated landscapes. It makes no difference, whether you are right by the lake, the vineyards, the apple tree plantations or in the hop fields in the backcountry. The lake and its landscape offer a chance to experience nature and recharge one’s batteries, and almost limitless fitness and sporting opportunities. And for those who aren’t yet satisfied with what the Lake Constance region has to offer, the Austrian and Swiss Alps are only an hour’s drive away, Zurich and Munich are reached in an hour and a half, and Milan in just over three.
Map of the region.Click here to enlarge map.
Map of the region.
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